Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is HIPAA Certification?

Certification is formal recognition of a level of proficiency in the field of HIPAA. The recipient is acknowledged as having an overall comprehension of the disciplines and skills represented in a comprehensive body of knowledge required for HIPAA Compliance.

Why become Certified?

As the Hospital industry becomes more competitive, the ability for management to distinguish professional and skilled individuals in the field becomes mandatory. Certification demonstrates a level of understanding in carrying out quality assurance principles and practices. Acquiring the designation of HIPAA Privacy Expert, Security Expert or Privacy and Security Expert indicates a professional level of competence in the principles and practices of best practices in handling the Protected Health Information (PHI). These certifications gain recognition as a quality professional, achieve potentially more rapid career advancement, and gain greater acceptance in Hospital Industry.

Why would management want a special certification for professionals associated with Hospital Industry?

Hospital Industry works with different patient and various kind of information is associated with them and this information is very very confidential and if revealed may lead to very disastrous results. So to avoid such situations and to build a confidence in the patients, Management require to hire people with skills required to safeguard the Privacy and Security related to the Protected Health Information (PHI).

Would the HIPAA Certification be valuable if I am already an experienced Doctor, Nurse or Medical Representative?

Yes, because being a professional associated with the Hospital or Nursing industry does not make you informed or expert enough to handle the confidentiality, privacy and security required by medical transactions. Completing a HIPAA Training and Certification would certainly add to your career and will help in establishing your self as a expert and trained professional.

What HIPAA Certifications are available?

DQS India offers different HIPAA Training and Certifications you can find details of these at following page:

HIPAA Training and Certifications



Where can I take a certification exam?

Exam is conducted online and is available in all working days. For registration for any Training and or Certification send an email to info@dqsindia.com.

I have queries and need help, whom to contact?

For any query, suggestion and registration send an email to info@dqsindia.com.