HIPAA Services

DQS India offers HIPAA following services to make your Organization HIPAA Compliant


HIPAA Audit are conducted to evaluate the HIPAA Security Rule establishes requirements for Risk Management, Audit Controls standard and the Evaluation standard. Risk management measures should be implemented to identify Risk and reduce their effects to a controllable and appropriate level. Audit Controls Standard means implementation of different controls including hardware, software and procedural mechanism to records, retrieve and provide the Protected Health Information (PHI). Continuous periodic review of technical and non-technical evaluations of the Security Rules and Policies to show compliance with HIPAA Security Rule.

For more detail refer to HIPAA Audit.

HIPAA Risk Assessment

HIPAA Compliance often starts with HIPAA Risk assessment. Under the Security Management Process standard of the Administrative Safeguards portion of the HIPAA Security Rule as per Section 164.308(a)(1), Risk analysis is a required factor. At the same time Risk Analysis and Risk Management also have benefit to the organizations undergoing for HIPAA Compliance.

DQS India offer comprehensive Risks Management services. Covered entities will benefit from an effective Risk Analysis and Risk Management program beyond just being HIPAA compliant. Compliance with HIPAA is not optional… it is mandatory, to avoid penalties.

For more detail refer to HIPAA Risk Assessment.

HIPAA Contingency Planning

Contingency Planning includes planning for Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Planning.

It is important for businesses to plan recovery from disasters – natural or man-made. Such planning is known as Contingency Planning. A better planning for disaster and business continuity planning can sustain an organization during any kind of disaster and minimize the after effects of the disaster.

Care should be taken to plan for the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning. DQS India offer professional services, through highly qualified auditors having years of experiences of working in multiple domains, for preparation of Contingency Planning. We provide complete road map for the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.

For more detail refer to HIPAA Contingency Plan.