Risk Assessment

HIPAA Compliance often starts with HIPAA Risk assessment. Under the Security Management Process standard of the Administrative Safeguards portion of the HIPAA Security Rule as per Section 164.308(a)(1), Risk analysis is a required factor. At the same time Risk Analysis and Risk Management also have benefit to the organizations undergoing for HIPAA Compliance.

DQS India offer comprehensive Risks Management services. Covered entities will benefit from an effective Risk Analysis and Risk Management program beyond just being HIPAA compliant. Compliance with HIPAA is not optional… it is mandatory, to avoid penalties.

Benefits of Risks Assessment, Risk Analysis and Risk Management

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment is conducted to identify potential risks before they occur. These risks can be related to the safety, security, confidentiality and availability of Protected Health Information (PHI). Once potential risks have been identified next step is to list down the action items to minimise and resolve the risk, so that it can be managed easily. Risk Management on time helps in the smooth working of the controls and helps in controlling risks before they occur.

Benefits of using DQS India HIPAA Risk Management Services

DQS India offer comprehensive HIPAA Risk Management Services to client across the globe including USA. We provide required artefacts like Process, Procedures, Templates, Forms and Checklists for HIPAA Risk Management Policy Implementation. This can accelerate implementation for HIPAA Risk Management.

DQS India help in preparation of a detail Risk Management Plan based on the inputs collected from a number of factors the users, environment, employees, customers, system, utilities etc. Risk Management is done a structured manner, clear and compliant to the requirements of the HIPAA Requirements. It also creates confidence in the Customer and shows your commitment towards customer health information and its security and safety.

We have invested a lot of effort in preparation of these Risk Management artefacts so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel again. These artefacts saves you lot of effort, eliminate confusion and increase productivity when used in the HIPAA Risk Management Policy Implementation.

We provide all processes, templates and other artefacts customised according to organizational requirements for the Risk Management.