HIPAA Audit templates

Most of the organizations are not ready for Audits be is Management System audit or other Assessment and if it is HIPAA Compliance Audit then most of them are not  sure about where to start, what to do and how to successfully complete the audit. DQS India offers the HIPAA Audit templates. These templates help organization in successful completion of the compliance audit for HIPAA.

Non Compliance with HIPAA can lead to heavy fines and lesser incentives. DQS HIPAA Audit helps in completing the Audit and avoiding hefty fines.

Our HIPAA Audit category contains required policies, templates and checklists required to complete the HIPAA Compliance Audit. HIPAA Audit artifacts are designed to include the coverage on the following sections:

Administrative Safeguard

Citation & Standard

  • 164.308(a)(1) – Security Management Process
  • 164.308(a)(2) – Assigned Security Responsibility
  • 164.308(a)(3) – Workforce Security
  • 164.308(a)(4) – Information Access Management
  • 164.308(a)(5) – Security Awareness Training
  • 164.308(a)(6) – Security Incident Process

Physical Safeguard

Citation & Standard

  • 164.310(a)(1) – Facility Access Controls
  • 164.310(a)(2) – Facility Security Plan
  • 164.310(b) – Workstation Use
  • 164.310(c) – Workstation Security
  • 164.310(d) – Device and Media Controls

Technical Safeguard

Citation & Standard

  • 164.312(a) – Access Controls
  • 164.312(b) – Audit Controls
  • 164.312(c) – Integrity
  • 164.312(d) – Person or Entity Authentication
  • 164.312(e) – Transmission Security

Examples of some best practices that help in passing the audit:

  • Keeping latest, up-to dated documentation related to the data management, security management, training planning and execution records.
  • Policy for Password, Login for access management.
  • Security Policy for Database, Web based data access and transfer.
  • Restriction on use of public FTP and storage devices. Private VPN access for remote access.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Backup Plan
  • Risk Management
  • Audit Controls

Benefits of using DQS India HIPAA Audit Artifacts

HIPAA Audit category has required artifacts like Process, Procedures, Templates, Forms and Checklists for HIPAA Audit Management. These artifacts can be used for accelerating planning and preparation for HIPAA Audit.

Using DQS India HIPAA Audit Management makes your work more structured, clear and compliant to the HIPAA Audit. It also creates confidence in the employees, Customer and shows your commitment towards preparedness for the HIPAA Audit.

We have invested a lot of effort in preparation of these artifacts so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel again. These artifacts saves you lot of effort, eliminate confusion and increase productivity when used in the HIPAA Audit Management.

We provide all processes, templates and other artifacts customized according to organizational requirements.