DQS Certified HIPAA Associate for Privacy (DCHAP)

After the completion of the course candidate can take the Exam. Minimum passing percentage is 70%. There will be 100 questions, comprising of subjective, objective, true/false, fill in the blanks and multiple choice questions. Only successful candidate will be eligible to receive HIPAA Certification for DQS Certified HIPAA Associate for Privacy (DCHAP).

Duration for the Exam will of ONE Hour. After successful completion of the Exam, you will receive the Certificate in Soft Copy and you can print that certificate.

In case you did not complete the Exam successfully, you can take a retake for the Exam for a fee.

Total Number of Slides: 90 Length of course: Three Hours

Cost of Training and CHPA Certification test: $75

CHPA Certification test only: $50

Course for DQS Certified HIPAA Associate for Privacy (DCHAP) has been divided into following chapters:

  • Overview of HIPPA
  • Overview HIPAA Privacy Rule
    • What is Protected Health Information (phi)?
    • What information is covered under PHI?
    • What is minimum necessary requirement?
    • When it does not apply to Health Information?
    • Know about Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP)
    • What are mandatory requirements under HIPPA?
    • What is the usage of Protected Health Information (PHI)?
    • What is disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI)?
    • What are required disclosures?
    • How is disclosure of PHI is done for Treatment, Payment and health care Operations (TPO)
    • Psychotherapy notes ad use of Treatment, Payment and health care Operations (TPO)
    • What is authorization and when it is not required?
    • HIPPA Privacy requirements at organizational level
    • HIPAA Documentation requirement
    • What are HIPAA required policies, procedures & sanctions
    • Know about different types of sanctions
    • Know about individual privacy rights
    • Know about Access Authorization and when record access can be denied?
    • What information can be amended? Who can request information amendment?
    • Know about different types of privacy breaches
    • Who are Business associates? Different examples of BAs.
    • Associated Privacy laws, HIPAA Laws
  • Overview HIPAA Security Rule
    • Overview of Administrative Safeguards
      • What is Security Management process?
      • Know about Workforce security
      • What is Information access management?
      • How to spread Security awareness and training employees
      • Password management policy
      • What, how and when of Contingency planning?
      • Other standards helpful in HIPAA Security Rules
    • Standards for Physical Safety
      • Controls for Devices and Media
      • Access controls for Facilities
      • Other related standards
    • Standards for Technical safety
      • Access control
      • Transmission Security Policy
      • Remote Access
      • Other related standards
  • Notifications related to Breach
  • HIPPA requirements at organizational level
  • Business Associates contracts
  • Other related arrangements
  • HIPAA Policy and documentation requirement